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Mol d'Art Chocolate Melter, Tempering Machine, 24 kg

Mol d'Art Chocolate Melter, Tempering Machine, 24 kg

STOCK AVAILABLE on Mol d'Art Chocolate Melter and Tempering Machine; 24 kg. capacity. --Guaranteed Lowest Price.

Our PriceUS$1,085.00
Retail Price US$1,500.00
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Guaranteed Lowest Price on Mol d'Art Chocolate Melters; including this 24 kg. large capacity machine that is used for melting and tempering chocolate, and feeding larger equipment like a molding machine or chocolate enrober.

The Mol d'Art 24kg Chocolate Melter will melt and manually temper up to 24kg (52.8 lbs.) of chocolate at one time, and is well known for its dependable performance in gently melting chocolate at a steady temperature and maintaining temperature desired. Mol d'art chocolate melters provide a temperatures range from 5C – 65C (40F-150F) and gently heats from the bottom and sides of the melter to preserve the characteristics of the chocolate during the melting and tempering process.

As a result of its characteristic properties, Mol d'Art melters can be used for manual chocolate tempering using the seeding method. The stainless steel bowl is removable, allowing melted and tempered chocolate to easily be transported for further processing.
  • Capacity: 24 kg (52.8 lbs.)
  • Temperature indicated in Celsius (C)
  • Indirect heating with adjustable temperature control
  • Removable stainless steel shell
  • Complete with removable unbreakable cover
  • Made in Belgium
  • 3 yr. manufacturers warranty on electrical com 

Chocolate Melter Specifications
Diameter: 640 x 400 x 210 mm
Empty Weight: 5.8 kg (12.8 lbs)
AC: 110-220 V

Power Consumption: 280 W

Mol d'Art Chocolate Melters (Moldart and Mold Art Melters) - For Chocolate and Confectionery Use

String Scraper, for Mol d' Art Chocolate Melters
String Scraper for Mol d'Art chocolate melters and tempering Machines. Use to scrape chocolate from utensils to avoid chocolate built up on edge of pan.
Our Price: US$145.00
Retail Price : US$169.00

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