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Complete Cleaning On Chocolate World Tempering Machines

1 December 2017
Chocolate World offers the only true complete cleaning of an auger driven automatic continuous tempering machine using a hot water flush. Removing the auger alone does not allow cleaning of the machine tubes plus can reduce the life of the seals and bearings.  
When changing from dark to milk or from milk to dark chocolate, Chocolatiers generally do not dispense 100% of the chocolate from their tempering machine prior to running a new batch. They typically choose to drain the remaining chocolate from the chocolate bowl or basin and then proceed. However, if changing from a dark or milk chocolate to a white chocolate is critical to completely removing the current chocolate or if quarterly or annual cleaning is desired to better maintain the working components of the machine, this Chocolate World cleaning feature is very beneficial.
Watch this video link for cleaning instructions for Chocolate World automatic continuous tempering machines.  
Chocolate World tempering machines are manufactured in Belgium and distributed by TCF Sales in the Greater Austin, TX area.  Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the automatic continuous tempering and enrobing machines for artisan and mid-level confectionery and bean-to-bar production.
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