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Deep Discount on Stock Melanger

Deep Discount on Stock Melanger
6 April 2022

Heavy duty stone-on-stone all stainless steel melanger is currently available at TCF Sales at a deep discount through May. Best savings ever!

Scale up your chocolate making process with a Rumbo or Rumbo Kid professional melanger, featuring more functionality over other melangers which results in less processing time and lower operating costs.

Competitor melangeurs (melangers) grind cacao nibs and/or paste by turning or rotating the base. The Rumbo exerts more pressure on the nibs using stone-on-stone grinding with heavy moving granite wheels, plus ambient or hot air can be applied as desired.

Chocolate makers can make chocolate from the bean faster and with less cost, turning out incredibly tasting chocolate that can be moulded into bars or used to make decadent confections.

Contact us at TCF to learn more about this mildly used in-stock Rumbo Kid melangeur and other chocolate making equipment, including a roasting oven for your cacao beans which is priced to sell fast. 

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