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Learn More about FBM

Learn More about FBM
10 December 2019

Over the last 43 years, FBM has continued to expand it machine offerings and today offers one of the most comprehensive lines of tempering machines. Did you know... FBM was the innovator of the screw pump continuous tempering machine in 1977? Yes, it's true!

This innovative tempering technique included using an Archimedes screw to move melted chocolate through a chilled tube to crystalize the chocolate and dispense it through a pipe for molding (moulding) or enrobing confections. Chocolate not used falls back into a heated melting tank where it is de-crystalized and then recrystallized when circulated through the chilled tube with the auger pump creating automatic continuous tempering.

Using this tempering technique, FBM has developed a full line of continuous tempering machines to accommodate the artisan Chocolatier up to mid-level producers with a variety of configurations and tank capacity from 4kg to 100kg. Other chocolate machine companies incorporated this technique after a few years but FBM has continued to improve on their technique with more effective geometry designs of augers and heating bowl sizes (depth and diameter). Machines come standard as molding stations with easy on / easy off vibration tables and electronic dosing. FBM also offers optional depositing heads and complete enrobing lines with both horizontal and vertical cooling. For further increased productivity, customers can select from a variety of melting tank sizes to be used independently or to feed their chocolate tempering machine.

FBM is also an industry leader in developing machines for craft chocolate makers. Their Bean to Bar machines include a cracker / winnower, pre-grinder, stone mill and ball mill grinders, conche machine, and tempering bar mould machines. In 2011, FBM founded a chocolate and pastry school at their facility in Legnano with a Bean to Bar Area to produce chocolate from the bean. You are welcome to vistit FBM and attend their training classes or North American customers can view the same equipment in operation at our facility in the Austin, TX areas. 

FBM's new cost effective one shot depositing machine allows confectioners to fill moulds in one shot, or pass, and can be set up as a complete line with vertical conveyor cooling system. Customers can also find drum panners and belt panners or panning machines, and a new machine for tempering bars with large inclusions.

And to toot their horn again, FBM was the first company to introduce a tabletop dough dropping machine that works with a vide variety of dough, everything from macarons to sheet cakes, and this is now widely imitated by others.

Among FBM's flagship projects are semi-industrial and industrial plants for customers who found in FBM a partner to produce custom solutions to automate and improve produciton. In 2018, FBM added a full time support hot line for Customers to more expeditiously resolve issues as they arise...another positive step forward.

TCF Sales is please to promote the FBM Line of chocolate and pastry machines. To learn more about FBM continuous tempering machines or their machines to make chocolate from the bean, give us a call. We will be happy to help you!

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