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Machines for Premium Gelato, Ice Cream, Sorbet and Pastry

Machines for Premium Gelato, Ice Cream, Sorbet and Pastry
29 September 2019

Increase your restaurant or chocolate boutique profits by making and selling premium ice creams, gelato, sorbet and even an endless variety of pastry goods with the Bravo line of Gelato & Pastry equipment. Use fresh ingredients only or pre-made mixes supplemented with fresh or frozen ingredients.

Entry level machines produce the basics but other selections are available to those who wish to make pastry cream, semifreddos, meringue for macarons, italian meringue, swiss meringue, fruit jelly, butter cream, mousseline cream, pate a bombe, chocolate ppate a bombe, bavaroise, lemon curd, bechamel, traditional ganache, english cream, and marshmallow, plus tempering of dark, milk and white chocolate. Batch chillers and shock freezers are also provided. 

Look for more information to come on the Bravo line of equipment for gelato, pastry and chocolate production in the near future!

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