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LCM Enrobers Competitively Priced

LCM Enrobers Competitively Priced
22 November 2022

LCM has long been considered a premium line of chocolate enrobers, designed specifically for enrobing. But did you know that LCM now offers enrobing machines competitively priced with other lines?

Chocolate is tempered in LCM enrobers unlike other machines that use a screw or auger.

LCM enrobing machines achieve complete crystallization of the chocolate with each rotation, using a plate tempering method. This unique method of tempering provides consistent results that customers agree, is top notch. 

LCM enrobers are ideal for Bakers and Confectioners. Enobers coat pralines, cookies, pastries, and more. Machines are high quality, easy to use, and now super quick to clean.  

Contact us at TCF Sales to learn more about LCM enrobers, including machines starting as low as $30K.

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