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Get Your Chocolate Bomb Moulds Now!

Get Your Chocolate Bomb Moulds Now!
30 November 2021

The holiday season is upon us and TCF Sales has polycarbonate chocolate moulds (molds) in stock for making "chocolate bombs."

Popular for gift giving, Chocolatiers can produce large chocolate shells with 70 mm and 80 mm sphere shaped polycarbonate moulds and fill with cocoa, marshmallows, other chocolate pieces, etc., for a delightful hot chocolate sipping experience.

These round spheres can be decorate with colored cocoa butter or simply wrapped with a ribbon and instructions. TCF Sales recommends using CW2253 (70 mm round) or CW2254 (80 mm round); both fit nicely in a mug.

TCF Sales provides Chocolate World polycarbonate moulds direct from Belgium; the highest quality molds that deliver a quality product for many uses. Find 2000 series and 1000 series molds, at great prices and discounted with quantity purchase.

Contact us to discuss the procedure for making hot chocolate bombs and various polycarbonate mould sizes.

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