Dedy 150kg Batch Tempering Kettle

Dedy 150kg Batch Tempering Kettle
150 kg automatic batch tempering kettle with electrical cooling.
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This double-walled automatic batch tempering kettle with 150 kg. capacity features electrical cooling and bain-marie heating for quick and reliable chocolate tempering, controlled with 3 digital thermostats for excellent results.


  • Capacity: 150 kg
  • Automatic batch tempering
  • Double walled kettle
  • Removable stirrer
  • Stand by mode
  • Heated drain cock
  • Efficient insulation
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Optional rollers for mobility

Made completely of stainless steel, this Dedy manufactured automatic batch tempering kettle (or machine) incorporates a removable stirrer to facilitate thorough cleaning, a drain cock with adjustable heater, and very efficient insulation that prevents loss of heat. Standby mode allows you melt chocolate overnight and then temper it as desired by switching to work mode. Its double walled kettle uses water as a heat transfer medium. Prior to its first use, fill with water. An indicator light signals when the water level requires refilling.

    • 600 mm wide
    • 700 mm deep
    • 1900 mm high
  • WEIGHT: 150 kg
  • ELECTRICAL: 3 phases, 220 Volt, 3.85 KW

Please contact us to learn more about this Dedy 60 kg automatic batch tempering kettle.


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