Ganache Frames, Solid Stainless Steel

Dedy Solid Ganache Frame

Heavy duty European ganache frames made with a solid stainless steel frame will stay in place. Used for laying up ganache and other confectionery foods. Various heights.


Heavy duty solid stainless steel ganache frames are built to last and will stay in place. These frames will not bend or deviate from their intended shape and can be ordered in various heights.

Unlike other ganache frames, these confectionery ganache frames are manufactured with a SOLID wall of stainless steel (not aluminum) in the height of your choice, resulting in a more durable and longer lasting frame.


  • Select frame height: 10 mm, 12 mm, or 15 mm
  • Solid stainless steel bar frame structure
  • Inner DIMS: 365 x 365 mm (for standard sized guitars)
  • Outside DIMS: 385 x 385 mm
  • Made in Germany

Designed for chocolate and confectionery professionals, these heavy duty Dedy ganache frames allow you to lay up food products that will conform to your Dedy Guitar Cutter dimensions, saving you time and less product waste. These frames are of exceptional quality and their heavier weight and solid construction will keep foods in place while setting up. Consider using a ganache liner or mat for further efficiency.

Professional Chocolatiers and pastry chefs save time by working with specific frame sizes desired to achieve the specified height. Select from 10 mm, 12 mm or 15 mm heights.

NOTE: See the drop down menu to order a small ganache frame to fit the Dedy mini guitar cutter (185x185mm). Also, to further minimize waste, custom frames in most any size can be ordered. Please contact us for a quote and lead time.

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