Ganache Lay Up TRAY

Ganache TRAY

Nice quality ganache lay up tray made of all stainless steel.  Accommodates standard confectionery guitar cutters for efficiency. Select from 3 different heights.


NICE QUALITY stainless steel tray for ganache, jelly, caramel and other foods is available in various heights and sized to accommodate a standard sized guitar cutter.

These layup trays are popular because they are very effective in containing food products that may otherwise leak under traditional style frames. Select from 3 different wall heights: 10 mm, 12 mm, or 15 mm.  


  • Sturdy, food grade stainless steel construction
  • Interior DIMS: 360 mm X 360 mm (OD: 365 x 365 mm)
  • Optional 360 x 360 mm pan liner (see photo 2)
  • Made in Germany

These ganache trays fully enclose your food product so there is no need to use a separate pan to transport to the cooler, etc. To use, line pan with parchment paper or use a food grade reusable liner then pour food in and allow to set. Score edges with a knife then gently lift out or turn over. See instructional video herein.      

NOTE: If multiple frames are orders, the online shipping calculator may not be correct. Don't worry, we will adjust the price down per the actual shipping cost as known. 

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