Confectionery Guitar Cutter - 5mm base, 1 Frame


TCF Sales stocks this confectionery guitar cutter with 5 mm increment base spacing that comes with 1 frame. Select the 25 mm frame to obtain a true 1" cut. Kit includes the pick up pan or tray, spare wire and tools.


TCF Sales is the primary U.S. distributor for DEDY confectionery guitars, offering best prices and full stock, including this guitar cutter with 5 mm base increments for cutting true 1" squares with the included 25 mm frame.

One (1) frame comes with this guitar cutter assembly (can select which one) but additional frames can be ordered separately as desired. See this link.

Not to be compared with confectionery guitar cutters made with a nylon (plastic) base, Dedy guitar cutters cut uniformly and precisely for years and years because if its precision designed base. Save time and save money with a high quality, long lasting praline or confectionery guitar cutter to cut multiple pieces uniformly and professionally every time. For use with softer foods such as ganache, pralines, soft caramel, fudge, jellies, almond pastes, marshmallow, etc.


  • Easy to use / Easy to clean
  • Includes guitar cutter with 1ea. 25 mm frame (unless otherwise specified), pick up pan, spare wire & tools
  • Guitar cutter wire spacing: 5 mm intervals
  • Base surface: 360 mm x 360 mm
  • Optional frame sizes:10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 45+ mm (intervals of 5)

The Dedy confectionery guitar cutter base is made of high quality aluminum alloy for precision and durability, and to minimize weight. All guitar cutter frames are made of durable 304 stainless steel. Use the included Pick-Up Pan to move food product to and from the Guitar cutter. Extra wire and tools for changing wires are also included.

Find optional Ganache Frames (see Cross Selling Products link) that fit your guitar base for maximum output without waste. Also, select from two different optional confectionery guitar Cutter carts with locking wheels that provide an instant working surface and can be rolled to and from locations as desired with conveniently storage racks for your Guitar Cutter frames.

NOTE: Order the Dedy Confectionery Guitar Cutter 5 mm base with a 25mm frame if you wish to make 1" square cuts.

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