KREA Swiss Multi Spray Gun for Oil, Egg Wash,etc.

multiSPRAY gun 8kg

KREA Swiss multiSPRAY gun is a spray gun for multiple spraying applications like oil, butter, egg wash, sauces, glazes, etc.


Save time and money with this multi spray gun designed to quickly spray oil, egg wash, glaze, butter, marinade and sauces. It is fast, economical, and food industry approved. Plus, it is an effective alternative to a brush or a non-food regulated paint gun.

KREA Swiss multiSPRAY Gun - For Confectionery Use: 

  • Optimal spraying on flat surfaces or objects such as a baking tray with the flat-jet-nozzle
  • The bent nozzle extension is ideal for spraying upwards, downwards or on edges and slants
  • Food safe handheld gun
  • Easy to use with a balanced design. Compressed air not required
  • From thick, to fine spray finish

Each multiSPRAY Spray Gun Comes With:

  • a container (700 ml)
  • a F7S flat fan nozzle (F7S)
  • a round-jet-nozzle (R6)
  • bent nozzle extension

This confectionery tool is used by confectioners, bakeries, hotels, hospitals, food factories, and fast food outlets. TCF Sales stocks this multi spray gun and other KREA Swiss spray guns and melters.  Previously sold under the KREBS name, KREA Swiss is the same high quality / same great value.