Confectionery Guitar Cutter - Double Arm (25x25)

Guitar Cutter, DBL

DEDY Double Arm Guitar Cutter Base with 25 x 25 mm divisions comes with pick-up tray and replacement wires and tools, and allows you to cut bi-directional without having to move your confectionery product.


Confectionery Guitar Cutter with Double Arm, and cutting divisions of 25 mm x 25 mm, allow you to cut bi-directional 1" squares without having to move your confectionery product. This cutter is extremely useful for cutting the same dimensions time after time. Simply lower one arm and then the other then pick up product with included pick up pan to move.

This DEDY Confectionery Double Arm Guitar Cutter is 360 x 360 mm with 25 mm divisions in both directions.


  • Base: 350 X 350 mm
  • Cutting divisions: 25 mm and 25 mm
  • Comes with pick up tray, replacement wire, and tools
  • Order frames separately (see Applicable To tab)
  • Optional cart

The Dedy two arm, or double arm guitar cutter, is suitable for cutting praline substance, fat substance, butter, Gianduja, Marzipan, fondant caramel, ganache, jelly substance and Petite Fours. The base is made of high quality anodized aluminum (NOT PLASTIC) and is precisely manufactured. Aluminum holds its tolerances and offers a more substantial long term industrial cutting solution, while minimizing weight without sacrificing long term durability. This guitar cutter is ideal for in-house and exhibition use. See optional cart (Applicable To tab) for additional working surface and storage of frames.

PLEASE NOTE: Frames for this guitar cutter are sold separately. At least two guitar cutter frames are required for this cutter to work efficiently. They are sold separately to select sizes desired. Most select 2 ea. 25 mm frames. Please allow 3-4 weeks for this custom made guitar base.

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