16 Liter Chocolate Panning Machine

M1292 100kg

16 liter table top panning machine for coating different food types and sizes with chocolate.


IN STOCK! This 16 liter table top chocolate panning machine is designed to simplify coating different types of products, from assorted nuts to coffee grains with chocolate. It is suitable for many applications, and its compact size and unique bowl installation system is patented. 

Manufacturer by Chocolate World, Belgium leader in confectionery and chocolate equipment, this table top panner is equipped with an integrated high-performance fan and duct that feeds filtered air into the bowl as desired.  The silicone cooling-air tube is (re-)movable to facilitate the processing of the product.

Watch Instructional Video herein.

  • Easy to disassemble, interchangeable and easy to clean
  • Manufactured out of stainless steel
  • Effective and silent speed control
  • Extendable telescopic legs
  • Ability to remove the tank for cleaning or to change it
  • Cooling fan with washable filter


  • Capacity: 16 liter
  • Base Dimensions: 580 x 690 x 320 mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 500 mm
  • 220V / 50/60 Hz compatible (Optional 110V)
  • Monophase / 370W
  • Weight: 42 kg

This Chocolate table top panner, also called a panning machine or coating machine, is ideal for small to medium scale operations.  Additional bowls are available.

Please contact the TCF Sales team to learn more about this panner or coating machine: 512-201-4443.  

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