Dedy 420 Enrober, Chocolate Enrobing Machine

Dedy 420 Enrober
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The Dedy 420 Enrober is a multi-functional moulding and enrobing machine with a 420 mm belt width.                


The Dedy 420 Enrober is a moulding machine equipped with an 420 mm wide enrobing belt for full or partial enrobing. 

Controlled by a sensitive digital thermostat with a one-tenth centigrade scale, the Dedy 420 Enrober uses an electronic air circulation system with two (2) thermostats for standby mode and work mode.  The belt, chocolate wheel and chocolate tank are easily removable and separate motors are included for the belt, blower and detailer which are integrated into the main housing. 


  • 30 kg chocolate capacity
  • Total enrobing and partial enrobing
    • Adjustable belt speed: 0.5 to 4 meters per min.
    • Removable belt
    • Removable 1.5 meter take-off table 
  • Forced air heating system maintain temps to .01 C 
  • Separate motors and controls for detailer, blower & belt
  • 2 thermostats for standby mode & work mode
  • Includes a pouring device for filling chocolate into  moulds
  • Enhanced insulation prevents heat loss
  • Made of durable food grade stainless steel

Pastries of all kinds and cakes up to a height of approximately 12 cm, as well as cream cheese and dates can be enrobed with chocolate, chocolate coatings, fudge, sugar icing or glaze.  An evener cylinder mounted at the end of the belt prevents coatings from producing threads.

The Dedy 420 enrober is robust, user friendly, and easy to clean.  Give us a call to learn more about this enrobing machine or others in the Dedy line . NCING AVAILABLE!


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