ELITE 19" Chocolate Fondue Fountain


19" ELITE chocolate fondue fountain with high impact polymer tier set.

Our PriceUS$169.99
CodeELITE 17311

The Elite chocolate fountain contains a quality motor and components, and is easy to operate and clean and comes with FREE SHIPPING.  Self-leveling tiers are easily installed and removed for cleaning.  No tools required.  Quickly and easily clean the base of the fountain by unscrewing the basin from the base.  Other components are dishwasher safe.

19" ELITE Chocolate Fondue Fountain:

  • Very quiet motor
  • Electronic controls
  • Accommodates warm and cold fondues
  • Dishwasher safe polymer top
  • Base twists off for easy basin cleaning
  • Min. chocolate fondue: 4 lbs.
  • Max chocolate fondue: 6 lbs.
  • Includes: fondue testing funnel, 6 color coded fondue skewers, 1 yr. warranty
  • Basin width: 10.75"
  • Height:  19"

NOTE:  An optional stainless steel tier set is available.