3kg Dry Heat Chocolate Melter

MA03 Melter 10kg

Small dry heat chocolate melter with 3 kg capacity will safely melt your chocolate.  Ideal for color and decoration work.



Small chocolate melter designed for small batches of tempered chocolate when creating decorations or for making candy or dipping smaller items, and is ideal for quickly changing production needs of different types of chocolate in smaller quantities.  

Temperature is controlled electrically, regulated by a thermostat.  Heating is with an induction heating device that applies heat to all surfaces of the pan to gently heat your chocolate and maintain its proper characteristics. 

Chocolate Melter - 3 kg:

  • Indirect melting by induction heating
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Strong body construction
  • Removable stainless steel bowl
    • Optional bowls can be ordered
  • Includes a strong, food safe, polymer lid
  • Made in Belgium
  • Warranted for 3 yrs.

Mol d'Art dry heat chocolate melters are well recognized in the confectionery industry and used by teaching schools worldwide.  This convenient size is well suited for professionals and home enthusiasts.  


  • DIMS: 310 mm x 180 mm H 
  • EMPTY WT: 1.7 kg

This dry heat chocolate melter can be ordered online or give us a call to discuss your chocolate melting requirements.  TCF Sales is a stocking distributor for Mol d'Art chocolate melters in the U.S. --Best prices, guaranteed.








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