RUMBO KID Melanger

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RUMBO KID is a smaller version of the robust RUMBO chocolate melanger for cocoa nib grinding.


Created for the craft chocolate maker, the RUMBO KID is a smaller version of the Rumbo chocolate melanger. With the same superior features over other chocolate grinders, the Rumbo Kid uses proven technology coupled with new technology and high quality componentry to deliver traditional stone-on-stone grinding with shorter processing times.

The RUMBO KID stands apart from other melangers (melangeurs). It offers greater capacity, a solid granite base, real granite millstones that are turned by a direct drive motor with adjustable speed control on independently articulated axles (not a single axle), and allows the user to use forced hot air (ambient up to 75°C / 167°F) to improve processing times, plus an optional integrated pump to empty the working bowl.


  • Solid granite base with granite millstones weighing 10 kg ea. (22.5 lbs.)
  • Millstones turn inside the bowl: base or bowl does not turn
  • Direct drive, adjustable speed motor / No belts or chains to break
  • Forced ventilation with adjustable temperature
  • Bowl working capacity: 25 kg (~55 lbs.)
  • 2-part plexiglass bowl cover, with auto-stop safety sensors
  • Optional auger pump
  • Power installed: 3Kw
  • Weight: 280 kg (~617 lbs.)

Unlike many melangeurs, the RUMBO KID is designed in accordance with European safety rules. Its grinding stones and interior base are made from solid granite, not formed from granite pieces. Its wheels are sturdy and steady, and a plexiglass cover prevents dust and unwanted items from entering the working bowl.

The FBM RUMBO's unique forced air allows the base and grinding stones to be pre-heated prior to adding chocolate nibs or pre-ground chocolate (if using a Pre-Grinder) which facilitates the release of cocoa butter from the nibs more effectively than from a cold start. Ambient to hot air can be turned on (or remain on) during grinding which will improve processing times over similar machines by reducing acidity and in effect, starting the conching process.

  • DIMS: 1150 (w) x 1000(d) x 710(h)
  • WEIGHT: 280 kg (~630 lbs.)
  • POWER: 20A (dedicated circuit recommended)
  • ELECTRICAL: 3-PH (single phase optional)

Whether you are working from-the-bean, purchasing roasted nibs or working from chocolate liquor, the Rumbo Kid melanger allows more precise control over the chocolate making parameters. Because of the Rumbo's adjustable speed motor, you can run "low and slow" or "hot and fast" to tailor the process for a final product that is uniquely yours and characteristic of the chocolate profile desired.

See the Rumbo Kid on site at TCF Sales, or give us a call to learn more.

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