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Infinity AX
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The KeyChoc 60kg INFINITY AX fully automatic continuous tempering machine with easy to remove auger for chocolate changeover and full cleaning. Many options. GREAT VALUE! We are offering a speciall discount on this unit.


The Infinity AX is a fully automatic, continuous chocolate tempering machine that can temper batches of chocolate from 12kgs up to 60kgs, even though it is about the same size as a traditional 24kg machine.

This versatile tempering machine with an auger pump features onboard gas cooling for true automatic continuous tempering with PLC control, foot-pedal operated manual dosing, adjustable flow control, programmable start timer, automatic programmable dosing (up to 999 deposits), and is designed to work with inclusions up to 10mm in size.

INFINITY AX Operating Characteristics:

  • 60kg tank capacity | Minimum batch size 12kgs | Can use down to 3kgs
  • Flow rate of up to 1000 kgs per hour, with adjustable flow control
  • Can add additional chocolate while running
  • Designed to work with inclusions up to 10mm
  • Touchscreen operation | Full PLC control
  • Night mode (melt only)
  • OPTIONAL: heated or unheated vibrating table, depositing head, transfer pipe if used as feeder tank
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: INFINITY AML automatic moulding line
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: INFINITY EL enrobing attachment (launching end 2017)
The INFINITY AX tempering machine also features a removable auger for easy cleaning and a convenient drain outlet at the rear of the machine, automatic pump reverse to empty the auger tube and outlet pipe, a cover for night mode and to prevent chocolate contamination from air debris and other, lockable rolling castors, a fully insulated tank for energy efficiency, and electronic contact heaters for precise, responsible control. All contact parts are made of stainless steel 304, except the auger.

Chocolate Tempering Times (from 42°C / 107.6°F):

  • 12kg batch - 10 minutes; usable chocolate 9kgs
  • 20kg batch - 15 minutes; usable chocolate 17kgs
  • 40kg batch - 18 minutes; usable chocolate 37kgs
  • 60kg batch - 22 minutes; usable chocolate 57kgs
  • Single phase supply
  • 13 Amp
  • 220-240V, 50Hz
  • DIMS: (W) 600mm x (D) 780mm x (H) 940mm
  • Width with vibrating table added: (W) 800mm
The INFINITY AX auger is easily removed from the top of the machine allowing remaining chocolate to be shaken off into the tank without mess and the outlet pipe can be removed and dismantled for easy cleaning as well. Full machine cleaning takes only 15-20 minutes (excluding drying time).
KeyChoc is a British manufacturer and official machinery partner of the Barry Callebaut UK Academy; a trusted partner for artisan and industrial chocolate producers throughout the UK and a number of other countries throughout the world. KeyChoc understands quality, functionality and economy. To learn more about the Infinity AX automatic tempering machines, contact TCF Sales at 512-201-443.  We will be happy to help you!
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