Chocolate Transfer Pump System

Chocolate Transfer Pump System
This stand alone transfer pump is a versatile and economical way to get chocolate or other fat-based products from a melting, holding or tempering tank to another point of use. 
Our PriceUS$3,450.00
CodeKeyChoc Transfer Pump

Economical chocolate transfer pump system fits most tanks and is ideal for transferring chocolate or other fat based products from one machine to another or to dispense chocolate or other substances directly onto a product.  

Melted chocolate can be transferred to a continuous tempering machine or to an enrobing machine, or to another processing machine or area to dispense chocolate directly onto a tray-baked product (i.e., millionaire's shortbread).  


  • Fully contained system
  • Flexible heated hose
  • Foot pedal dispensing mechanism
  • Hand held dispensing trigger 

All components necessary are provided with this KeyChoc transfer pump system: pump and motor assembly, control panel, foot pedal (with 2 pin plug), tri-clamps and seals, motor switch and box (with 3 pin plug), butterfly valve, hose clamp and fittings, flexible heated hose (with 4 pin plug).  Optional components are also available.


  • 110V to 240V step up transformer
  • Deposit timer
  • Speed Control

Give us a call to learn more about this versatile stand alone transfer pump system. We will be happy to help you!

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