Duplica One Shot Depositor

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The FBM Duplica one shot depositor will create your molded chocolate confections in just one step.


Automate your chocolate molding process with the Duplica one shot depositor. With just one shot, controlled by the digital CPU panel, mold cavities are filled with tempered chocolate and a filling, and capped with chocolate. And because of its precise dosing ability, the Duplica is also ideal for making small chocolate bars or tasting squares for a very versatile piece of chocolate production equipment.

New in 2017, the Duplica is increasing throughput for customers using this one-shot technology and includes: 2 heated hoppers (1 for chocolate and 1 for filling), adjustable temperature for each hopper, dosing devise with double injection system, dosing head speed regulation, sensor indicating mold presence, FBM designed CPU with touchscreen for complete adjustment of the machine, durable brushless motors for precise control of the movement of the injecting and dosing pistons lines.

  • Fill mold cavities with 1 shot
  • Two (2) heated hoppers, each with dedicated depositing head
  • Easy to use touch control CPU
  • Compact design

Standard 275 x 175mm polycarbonate molds can be loaded onto Duplica transport belt delivering high throughput for busy Chocolatiers who wish to simplify a time-consuming multi-step process of making the shell, filling the shell and then sealing with a chocolate cap.

Note: A source of tempered chocolate is required. Duplica does not temper chocolate on it own.

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