Non-Stick Baking Mold - Sylvester Looney Tunes Mold

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CLOSE OUT: Large 'Sylvester' silicone mold from The Warner Brothers Looney Tunes® series. Completely non-stick.


DISCOUNTED:  Sylvester Looney Tunes® silicone non-stick baking mold to make a cake, refrigerated Jello or frozen dessert. Limited stock!

Italian made SilikoMart® baking molds are professional quality: completely non-toxic and do not stick. Made of pure silicone and withstands high heat and cold temperatures. This mold is very flexible and can be used many times, up to 2500 uses if properly used.


  • 403 x 215 mm x 51 H mm 
  • 15.86"x 8.46" x 2"
  • Vol. 1.6 L

The Silikomart® silicone molds of the Looney Tunes® series makes it easy to turn out detailed confections with professional results. DO NOT GREASE.