BETEC AT 80, Automatic Continuous Tempering

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BETEC automatic continuous AT 80 tempering machine with 80kg tempering tank and option for dosing head and 400 or 450mm enrobing belt.


The BETEC AT 80 is an automatic continuous tempering machine with an 80kg container for tempering chocolate used for hand moulding or with an optional depositing pump, and with a 400 or 450mm wide enrobing belt to enrobe ganache, cakes and other confections.

BETEC industrial tempering machines heat your chocolate to 45°C inside the water heated container and keep in movement inside the gas cooled tempering cylinders by a gear pump where it is cooled and stirred. When it passes through the spigot it will have reached the ideal use temperature according to the kind of chocolate used (white, milk or dark).

A color touch screen display provides the operator with a clear overview of all parameters that can be changed with the touch of a finger: tempering temperature, dosing quantity, belt movement, vibrating on/off, etc.

  • Tempering cylinders are designed for optimal crystallization
  • 80kg tempering tank
  • Suitable for use in a two shift operation
  • Use as stand alone moulding machine
  • Use with dosing pump and dosing heads,
  • Use to enrobe
  • Use to feed other machines

Moulding capabilities can be expanded with a dosing pump. Many different dosing plates can be used in combination with the water heated dosing head. The AT 80 can be used as a stand alone machine or it can be placed above a PVC conveyor and used as a depositor. The tailor made dosing plate allow you to fill different moulds and shapes with a specified dose. Also, the dosing pump can be used to feed other machines such as a hopper of a one shot machine, a decorator head, a stringer device, etc.

Expand your BETEC AT 80 with enrobing capability selecting a 400 or 450mm wide wire-mesh belt for enrobing nearly all confectionery or chocolate products. This comes standard with a detachable 300mm L infeed belt, a blow off system with variable speed control, a mechanical tremble system, and electrical heated and adjustable rod-detailer and equipment for creating a chocolate bath or curtain. All electrical parameters of the enrobing belt can be easily changed on the touch screen for total enrobing, partial and bottom only enrobing of nearly all products. To maintain a constant temperature, the enrobing belt has controllable ceramic heating elements at the front and rear side and also a hinged plastic cover.

  • DIMS: 1050 L x 945 W x 1380mm H
  • DIMS w/Enrobing Belt: 1300 L x 945 W x 1380mmH
  • ELECTRICITY: 3 Ph 380/420V 50 Hz or 3 Ph 220/240V 50/60Hz
- Different types of decorating machines
- Automatic ganache cutting machine
- Truffle cacao powdering machines
- Cooling tunnels with convection or radiation cooling
- Chocolate feeding tanks
To learn more about the BETEC line of automatic continuous industrial tempering machines and equipment, call TCF Sales at 512-201-4443.  We will be happy to discuss your requirements.