Candy Depositor XL, For Candy and Chocolate


FREE Domestic Shipping on table-top Universal Depositor with XL hopper that fills one row at a time with a metered dose or shot, filling up to 100 cavities per minutes. Works with both low and high heat products like chocolate and ganache and hard candy, caramel and gummies.


FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on XL Universal Depositor for candy and chocolate; identical to the standard Universal depositor with the exception of an extra large 12L hopper for ingredients. 

This machine works well with both high and low heat confectionery products, and ills moulds or mold cavities one row at a time with a precise dose of ingredients. Dispense fluid chocolate, ganache and nougat or high heat candy ingredients such as caramel, gummies and hard candies. 

The Universal Depositor cavity mould volume is adjustable and nozzles have adjustable center-lines to easily position nozzles for use with a variety of molds, and the piston / nozzle assemblies and hopper are heated with adjustable temperature control.

FEATURES - Universal Depositing Machine

  • XL hopper for improved capacity: ~12 L / ~3.2 gal.
  • Works with moulds (molds) up to 11.5" wide
  • Includes six (6) pistons (can order more) 
  • 40mm L nozzles have adjustable centerline to accommodate various mold configurations
  • Easily adjustable shot size control
  • Removable heating panels
  • Digital, variable temperature control
  • Maximum heat: 320°F / 160°C
  • Disassembly without tools for cleaning
  • Stainless steel construction, including lid
  • Made in Germany
  • CE certified
  • Manufacturers warranty 1 yr.
  • Additional pistons, nozzles and spare parts available

The Universal Depositor uniquely incorporates a heating regulator, heating elements and insulated panels for dispensing higher heat candy ingredients but can also be used to fill molds (moulds) with a fluid chocolate or ganache using a lower heat setting. It includes: 6 piston assemblies with stainless steel balls and 40mm L nozzles, an aluminum tray to hold moulds, a plastic tray for initial dispensing and testing, an XL hopper with s/s cover, and spare parts that include O-rings, cleaning brushes and an additional set of white plastic balls for use with ingredients up to 120°C. 

The Universal Depositor can accept molds up to 11.5" wide. It is easy to clean and re-assemble without tools. Please Note: Prior to re-assembling, it is strongly advised to use a food safe grease on applicable parts as identified in the manual to guarantee steady cavity fillings each and every time. 

Technical Data:

Maximum Heat: 320°F / 16°C
Dosage: 3 to 16.5 grams / 0.10 to 0.58 oz.
Capacity: 1.3 gal. / 5 L
Material: Stainless Steel
DIMS:  15.75" W x 20.5" L x 22.5" H

Weight: 49 lbs.
Power: 110V 
Output: 24VDC max 600W (200W per connection)

Consider Truffly Made silicone moulds for use with this candy depositing machine. They fit perfectly, are flexible and non-stick to release candies and confections with ease. Contact TCF Sales at 512-201-4443 to learn more about this Universal candy depositor and table top depositing machine. 

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