MINI CUBE Chocolate and Candy Mold


Food grade silicone mini cube shaped mold for producing moulded THC edibles like gummies, hard candy and more.


THC food grade silicone mini cube mold (or mould) for producing edibles such as gummies, hard candy and more, with the universal "! THC" logo or symbol.
  • Mold: 11.5" W x 15" L (292 x 381 mm)
  • Cavities: 54 pcs.
  • Cavity Size: 13/16" x 13/16" x 5/16" H (20 x 20 x 8mm H)
  • Cavity Volume: 0.10 fl oz / 3 ml

Adds "! THC” Logo to top of candy.

Approved Colorado State Symbol
Approved Universal Use

These molds are made for use with the table top depositors such as the Universal Depositor to expedite filling of mold cavities one row at a time, but can also be manually filled with a quality hand held depositor like the Dedy Truffle Filler.

This confectionery edibles mold or mould in the shape of a mini cube can be used with chocolate, ganache, caramel, gummies, hard candy, and more.

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