CW 24kg Simplified, Opt 220 mm Belt

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Simplified model of the CW24 automatic continuous tempering machine.


Save money with this simplified version of the CW24, called the CW24 Delight. This automatic continuous tempering machine incorporates the same quality of tempering as the CW24 and uses the same circuit / power boards and electrical parts but eliminates a variety of high quality "creature features" that Chocolate World is well known for, including it superior finish look.
  • 4kg tank capacity
  • ~90kg production per hr.
  • Standard dosing function
  • Pedal to dose the chocolate (1 position only)
  • Includes 1 plug for options
  • Microprocessor with digital temperature display
  • Heated vibrating table
  • Warranty: 1 yr.
The CW24 Delight is a striped down CW24 tempering machine made with a lighter weight grade of material that is welded from the inside out only. It comes with 1 plug for options, has a smaller cooling unit that is less energy efficient than the standard CW24, has no emergency button (only a main switch), no extended boarders to prevent chocolate from leaking through, and its heating jacket is slightly thinner as well, so heating will take a little longer (40-50 minutes to melt and temper).
  • Power: 220 V / 4.0 kW / 3-phase current
  • Can order with an inverter to run on single phase (~$1000)
  • Weight: 185kg
  • DIMS: 658 L x 500 W x 1630 mm H
  • Made in Belgium
  • Lead time: 2 to 4 weeks
Please contact us to discuss your requirements and the differences between the CW24 Delight and the CW24 to determine which model will best meet your needs.  
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