Pastry and Gelato Machine

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Trittico multi-functional machine produces cream fillings, Gelato, Sorbet, Granita, and more.


The Trittico Executive is a must have for pastry professionals. It is a revolutionary multi-functional machine that produces a wide assortment of food products for gelato, pastry, and catering, and said to be a complete laboratory in just one machine.

The Trittico Executive cooks, cools and emulsifies. It is equipped with an easy touch CPU that manages multiple programs in the hot and cold sides and you can customize many other bakery products with great variety and flexibility. Make gelato, sorbet, slush ice (granita) pastry cream, semifreddos, meringue for macarons, Italian meringue, Swiss meringue, fruit jelly, butter cream, mousseline cream, pate a bome, chocolate pate a bome, vavaroise, lemon curd, bechamel, sauces and jams.


  • Mixer metal scrapers for a perfect barrel scraping
  • Vertical upper tank cooks, blends, stirs with adjustable speed, cools for chocolate tempering and pastry cream
  • Lower tank freezes with monoblock cylinder and multi-rings & gas injection system for better chill distribution
  • temperature probes in upper ad lower tanks in direct contact with the product & calibrated with .1 degree precision
  • Frontal probe to allow small batch production
  • Three blade stainless steel mixer with interchangeable scrapers
  • Patented Ionic System results in dry gelato with exactly the right amount of air for ultimate creaminess & softness
  • Comfortable washing gun to easily wash both machine tanks
  • Automatic joint washer for internal cleaning
  • Easy dismountable front door for fast and complete cleaning
  • Graphic touch display

Trittico Exec. comes in a variety of sizes to best accommodate your production requirements. Give us a call at TCF Sales: 512-201-4443 to learn more about the Bravo Trittico Executive multi functional pasty and gelato machine.

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