Aromatic Cacao Nibs, 1.5 lbs.

Cacao Nibs

Aromatic cacao nibs from Ecuador, 1.5 lbs. per bag.

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Nice price on aromatic cacao nibs from Arriba cacao beans are Kosher Pareve Certified, allergen free, gluten free, Vegan, non-GMO, Paleo-friendly, and dairy free. Each bag contains 1.5 lbs. 

These nibs are raw, and dried with warm, not hot air, for a strong delicious chocolate aroma that is characteristic of the Arriba bean.

  • Origin: Ecuador
  • Ingredients: 100% Theobroma cacao beans (shelled and crushed)
  • Storage: Refrigeration not required. Store in dry place. Use within 1 yr.

Cacao nibs can be roasted in varying temperatures to achieve your desired flavor profile, and then processed in a melanger to produce rich, delicious craft chocolate. Or simply add to your teas, beer brewing process, or sprinkle on top of ice cream, chocolate, etc.

NOTE: These cacao nibs have been washed and dried so are safe to consume. However, very small amounts of natural occuring impurities may be present, such as shell, small stones or twigs. Please be aware of this and remove prior to consuming directly. Cocoa nibs are an industrial ingredient in the chocolate industry and meant for further processing (roasting & melanging).

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