Roller Cutter - Quick Adjustable Spacing; 4" Blades


Confectionery Roller Cutter for cutting caramel and other foods.  4" D blades and 2 rod cutting lengths to select from; 18" L 24".


Low cost heavy duty confectionery roller cutter with adjustable spacing does not require spacers and is an excellent value for your money.  This popular roller cutter is ideal for cutting caramel, nougat, praline, some crunchy pastes, and all softer products like puff pastry, ganache, almond pastes, sponge cakes, marshmallow, etc. 

Full body weight can be applied without damaging the blades.  Cutting blades are made of heavy food grade stainless steel. Simply slide the blades onto the rod and tightened using an included Allen key that conveniently stores in the roller cutter's handle when not in use.

Select from two (2) lengths; 18" or 24" long (photo shows both cutters).  NOTE:  Use the drop down menu to select the 24" roller cutter.  The rod is marked with measurement increments in inches to quickly position blades as desired.  Simply slide the blades onto the rod and tighten using the included Allen key that conveniently stores in the roller cutter's handle.


  • No spacers required
  • Two rod lengths to select from  
    • 18" rod with 6 blades (26.5" L with handles) 
    • 24" rod with 10 blades (32.5" L with handles)
  • Roller Cutter Blades
    • Can cut foods up to 1.25" high
    • 4" D with 3/4" hole diameter to fit rod
    • Min. spacing between blades: 1/2"
  • 18" roller cutter comes with 6 blades (and can hold up to 36)
  • 24" roller cutter comes with 10 blades (and can hold up to 47)
  • Handles are made of food safe polypropylene, and add extra length to the rod

These heavy gauge stainless steel blades are three times thicker than non-industrial roller cutter blades, and can cut confectionery foods up to 1.25" high.  If your product is thicker than this, please see our roller cutter with 6" D blades which can cut foods up to 2.25" high.

NOTES:  Additional blades can be ordered individually or in sets for additional savings. See the drop down menu above or click on Cross Selling Products to order any number of extra blades desired.

If you have additional questions about this versatile food cutter, please feel free to contact us at TCF Sales.  We will be happy to help you!

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