Sephra 19" ELITE Fondue Fountain

Sephra 19

DISCOUNTED:  Sephra 19" ELITE Chocolate Fondue Fountains used once at a trade show. 

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The Sephra 19" ELITE Chocolate Fondue Fountain is a dependable household chocolate fountain that can serve parties of up to 50 people. Save money!  --2 Models in stock; used once.

The Elite Chocolate Fountain is unique for a household fountain because of its functionality and dependability, as well as its features. The Elite Chocolate Fountain contains a quality motor and components, along with a number of features unique to the Sephra line. The Elite incorporates self-leveling tiers. Tiers can be easily removed for cleaning yet are simple to reinstall. Tiers slide onto the tube without tools. It's twist-off basin provides for fast and easy clean up, and prevents the base from getting dinged up during cleaning too. The Elite Chocolate Fountain can hold up to 6 lbs. of chocolate and requires approx. 4 lbs. to adequately cover the tiers.


  • Electronic controls
  • Temperature settings for hot and cold fondues
  • Dishwasher safe top
  • Food grade high-impact polymer tiers
  • QuickSet tier assembly - sets up in seconds
  • Stainless steel removable basin for easy cleaning
  • Very quiet motor
  • Fondue Capacity: 6 lbs
  • Minimum Chocolate: 4 lbs.
  • May serve up to 50 people at full capacity
  • Fondue testing funnel included
  • 6 color coded metal fondue skewers included
  • Basin Width: 10.75"
  • Total Height: 19" 
  • 1 yr. limited warranty
  • Optional stainless steel tier set

Besides chocolate, sever a variety of food products in your Sephra Elite Chocolate Fountain. Its temperature control mechanism allows you to easily adjust the temperature (low, medium and high) to serve traditional chocolate and chocolate foundue, as well as a variety of sauces and other foods similar in consistency to melted chocolate, such as Fiesta cheese sauce, Nacho cheese sauce, white cheese sauces, BBQ sauce, Ranch dressing (serve with fresh veggies), Alfredo sauce (serve with bite sized pieces of cooked chicken, beef, etc., small soft pretzels, bagel chips, breads, etc.), and even Maple syrup for a fragrant and memorable breakfast buffet right in your own kitchen! Serve sausage links, mini pancakes or wrapped Crapes, bacon, etc.

NOTE:  An optional stainless steel tier set is also available. If ordered as an Option with this product, you will receive 2 Tier Sets; the Tier Set that comes with this product (high-impact polymer) in addition to a Stainless Steel Tier Set. If you already have an Elite or Signature home model chocolate fountain and have misplaced a piece of your Tier Set or simply wish to upgrade to stainless steel, you can order the Stainless Steel Tier Set individually.