SILFORM Baguette Form - 4 Channel Baking Tray


Professional Silform® Baguette Form with 4 channel baking tray is 24.5" L. Also used for Tuiles and other pastries.


BEST PRICE on SILFORM® Baguette 4 Channel 24.5" L baking tray. Non-stick silicone flexible bread proofing and baking forms are made especially for baguettes but used for pastries too. Easy to use. Easy to clean.


  • Fits standard U.S. sheet pan: 26" x 18" (660 x 460)
  • Overall Channel size: 24.5" L x 16.5 W (620 x 420mm) x 3 5/8"
  • Number of bread mold channels: 4
  • NSF certified

Silform® Baguettes baking forms from Demarle, the maker of "Silpat" products, will retain their shape with repeated use. Made of silicone coated mesh that is perforated for better heat flow, and not attached to an outer grid, so Silform Baguette forms can be placed on any tray with straight edges (90°) or perforated pans for use with ventilated ovens, and goes directly from freezer to oven (up to 550° F).

Silform® non-stick baguette baking forms can also be used in Multibake® grids. Many configurations possible.












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