ROUND CLASSIC Chocolate and Candy Mold


ROUND CLASSIC chocolate truffle and candy making silicone mold. Pieces "pop out" for easy removal.  


Popular ROUND CLASSIC small cavity chocolate and candy molds for making chocolates, truffles, gummies, caramels, hard candies and more with 54 individual pieces per mold sheet. Have fun and impress your customers with perfectly shaped round chocolate and candy moulds and eliminate hand rolling.  

  • No more hand rolling - save time / save labor
  • Completely flexible & non-stick
  • Made of food grade silicone / non-toxic
  • Used and endorsed by renowned chocolatiers

This new advancement in silicone truffle molds, eliminates the need to hand roll, or make or buy shells. 

  • Mold sheet size: 11.5" X 15" (292 x 381 mm)
  • Cavities per mold: 54 pcs.
  • Size of cavities: 15/16 x 15/16 x 1/2" (24 x 24 x 19 H mm)
  • Mold cavity volume: .35 oz. / 10 ml

Truffly Made silicone truffle molds are the only molds that allow you to pop-out a truffle, chocolate or candy piece in a 1-step process. Save time. Reduce labor. Plus, increase your productivity by leaving molds for truffles in the freezer until you are ready to dip centers into chocolate and enrobe.Easy to follow Instructions and a video are available on our Truffly Mold category page.    

Further increase your mold filling productivity by filling 1 row instead of 1 cavity at a time with a confectionery or candy depositor.  See Applicable To tab.

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