OVAL Candy and Chocolate Mold (12g)

OVAL Candy and Chocolate Mold (12g)
Oval silicone mold for candy, chocolates, truffles, and other applications.
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Oval candy and chocolate mold with 54 individual pieces per mould. Turn out professionally looking, uniformly sized candies, truffles and other products with professional moulds that can be filled by hand or with a depositor. Completely flexible and non-stick.  Made of food grade silicone that is completely non-toxic. 

This new advancement in silicone truffle molds, eliminates the need to hand roll ganache for Truffles.  Used and endorsed by renowned Chocolatiers, these moulds allow you to create uniform product with efficiency.  For Truffles, fill your molds in advance, cover and freeze until you wish to use.  


  • Truffle Mould Size: 11.5" X 15" (292 x 381 mm) 
  • Cavities per Mold: 54 pcs. 
  • Diameter of Cavities: 27 x 17 X 15 mm (~1 1/16 x 11/16 x 9/16") 
  • Weight of Mold: 12 g / .4 oz.
  • Truffly Made silicone truffle moulds are the only molds that allow you to "pop out" a truffle in a 1-step process.