FireMixer S92- Gas or Electric Cooker Mixer

FireMixer S92- Gas or Electric Cooker Mixer
Freestanding gas or electric S-92 FireMixer Candy Cooker stirs your batch while cooking. Used to produce confections like fudge, caramel, brittle, toffee, hard candy, nougat,jellies, fruit jams, halva, praline, and more.
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BEST PRICE GUARANTEED on the FireMixer S-92 which is used around the world for controlled mixing and cooking without burning, and a well known and respected confectionery equipment staple for nearly 100 years.

Two primary FireMixer models are available and both are available in gas or electric. The WARRIOR FireMixer has a spring-loaded scraper agitator with a fixed breaker bar that will accommodate most recipes. The CHIEF FireMixer uses a unique counter-rotating second agitator for double action to better accommodate stiff recipes or recipes requiring additional agitation.


  • Gas fire burner OR all electric heating element
  • Digital temperature control for no-burn, consistent results
  • Variable speed power agitator / spring-loaded scrapers
  • Hydraulic lift off agitator head in and out of kettle

The S-92 FireMixer (fire mixer) is designed to mix and cook a variety of confections such as fudge, caramel, toffee, brittle, praline, nougat, fruit jams, jellies, halva, etc., and accommodates specialty products like caramel corn, Rice Krispy treats, granola and nutrition bars, sugar coated roasted nuts (add a Heat-to-Kettle Deflector) using optional agitator heads, etc. Continual stirring and precise temperature controls prevent burning and provides for repeatable results. Produce batches without waste and increased productivity.

  • Designed for 24" (60 cm) D kettles in copper or SS; 4 depths available
  • Can easily remove and interchange optional agitator heads for different applications or recipes
    • Stir and caramelize nuts, produce caramel corn, blend rice crispy treats, etc.
    • Add Heat-to-Kettle Deflector for coating nuts

The FireMixer S-92 incorporates a unique drop-away stove that quickly removes the heat from the kettle at the end of the cook. A pull out splash guard keeps your floor clean, and a hand safety guard is standard on CHIEF FireMixers and available on WARRIOR cooker mixers.

S-92 GAS FireMixer: 150,000 BTU 44 jet GAS cast iron burner

  • Natural gas (NG) or liquefied propane (LP) models

S-92 ELECTRIC FireMixer: 12,000 watt electric cooking element

The S-92 Electric FireMixer is ideal for environments that where cooking with gas is too impractical or not available. Pair either the electric or the gas FireMixer with a LifTILTruk Confectionery Kettle Lifter for easy 1-person operation.

NOTE: Additional temperature control is provided with the S-92 FireMixer Pastry Chef / Lab Model that will simulate steam cooking and temper chocolate with low temperature cycle. Please contact us to learn more about these FireMixers or other cooker mixers and confection and candy making equipment.


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