Candy Kettle Mixer, Portable Confectionery Agitator

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Improve your efficiency with a Portable Agitator for your candy kettle. Save time and labor.


This candy kettle mixer or portable agitator will save you time and improve your efficiency. Select agitator / mixers for kettles ranging in size from 20" x 11" to 20" x 16".

All models incorporate spring-loaded scrapers and a fixed breaker bar for increased mixing action and installation is easy. The portable agitator mixer mounts directly onto your kettle handles. A safety switch allows operation only when the agitator is level and an optional digital thermometer probe can be easily attached as desired.


  • Heavy duty 1/6 horsepower motor
  • On/Off switch
  • Safety switch
  • Holder for optional temperature probe

This Portable Agitator and Candy Kettle Mixer is ideal for kettles on standard confectionery cooking stoves.

  • STANDARD: 120V / 60 Hz (1 Phase, 28 RPM motor)
  • OPTIONAL: 240V / 50 Hz (1 Phase, 22 RPM motor)

For further efficiency, select a portable mobile dolly cart with drip pan to remove and transport this portable agitator for cleaning.

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