Roller Cutter, Industrial - 6" Blades

SB Cutter 6" Blades

Industrial roller cutter with 6" D blades.


This adjustable industrial roller cutter comes with 6" D blades and Celon spacers to provide various cutting options as desired. Made for cutting almost all confections up to 1" in thickness, including more difficult confections, like caramel.

  • Stainless steel circular knives with beveled edges - for greater cutting strength
  • Stainless steel revolving handles and shaft - for easy and even cutting
  • Interchangeable food grade Lexan spacers - for unlimited width options

Three configurations are available:

  • 6" D blades x 12 blades; 15.5" cutting area
  • 6" D blades x 15 blades; 18.0" cutting area
  • 6" D blades x 20 blades; 26.0" cutting area

Plus, individual blades and additional spacers can be ordered to further optimize your cutting requirements. Additional 6" D blades are $55 ea. and additional spacer options, and pricing is as follows:

  • 1/8" wide (0.125) x 2" OD x 5/8" bore: $2.50 ea.
  • 1/2" wide (0.440) x 2" OD x 5/8" bore: $3.50 ea.
  • 3/4" wide (0.690) x 2" OD x 5/8" bore: $4.00 ea.

Each adjustable roller cutter comes with ONE of each size spacer between each blade, with the 1/2" and 3/4" spacers sized to accommodate the width of the blade and the 1/8" spacer a true .125". You only need to order additional spacers or blades if you desire more combinations.

Each roller cutter comes with stainless steel guide-wrenches to easily disconnect the handles to rearrange your blades and spacers for your particular cutting job.

NOTE: If your food product is greater than 1" in height, please order this roller cutter with 7" D blades rather than 6" D blades.

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