Chocolate World Wheelie 14, Table-Top Moulding Machine


The Chocolate World Wheelie 14 is ideal for professional chocolate moulding production on a small scale, with a tank capacity of 14 kg (~30 lbs.).


LOW COST / LOW MAINTENANCE Wheelie 14 Moulding Machine is idela for producing professional chocolates and confections when dealing with a limited amount of chocolate.

The Wheelie 14 is an all stainless steel machine with a food-grade plastic wheel. It's table top design works well in most any environment and is used throughout the U.S. and abroad by confectionery professionals and top culinary schools.


  • Tank Capacity: 14 kg (~30 lbs.)
  • Small Footprint: 510 x 560 x 510 mm (20" x 22" x 20")
  • Digital Thermostat
  • 110 V | 60 Hz | 500 W
  • Stainless Steel Body / Food Grade Plastic Wheel
  • Machine Weight: 45 kg
  • Made in Belgium
Advantages of the CW Wheelie 14 include ease of use, long term durability and dependability, extended working times, the ability to manually control the temperature, and low cost replacement parts. Chocolate tempering is accomplished using callets.

To learn more about the Chocolate World Wheelie 14, give us a call at TCF Sales: 512-201-4443 or email us!

NOTES: A crating / packing charge applies to this product. The Wheelie 14 is delivered without a plug.
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