Fbm 40 kg UNICA Continuous Tempering, Enrobing

Fbm 40 kg UNICA Continuous Tempering, Enrobing
New, larger capacity 40 kg UNICA Continuous Tempering Machine and Enrober for chocolate enrobing and continuous tempering with 3-zone tempering, allowing more precise control over the tempering curve. New look. Nice quality.         

The FBM UNICA 40 continuous tempering machine and enrober is made for moderate to high production volumes and is a cost effective workhorse in workshops.  --Many options.  Please call to discuss your requirements and pricing.

The UNICA 40 automatic continuous tempering machine monitors and adjusts heating and cooling automatically based on set melting and tempering points and features a true three-zone tempering system for more precise control over the tempering curve.  It's built-in CPU monitors and adjusts heating and cooling using 3 different zones: the working bowl is heated with the bainmarie method, the tempering pipe is cooled with refrigerant gas, and then chocolate leaving the tempering pipe is warmed by induction wire. Operators can set up and save individual tempering curves for different chocolate used, and can also set up a weekly schedule as desired.

    • 3 Tempering zones
    • Store up to 10 tempering curves for different chocolate
    • Reversible and removable auger
    • Removable heated vibrating table
    • Night cycle, weekly timer, automatic on/off switch   
    • pedal operated electronic depositor
    • Swiveling casters
    • 180 mm belt for chocolate enrobing w/convenient 3 piece design
    • Double curtain / Pre-bottomer, net beater, fan, detailer w/separate motor
    • Paper roll system with manual stop mechanism
    • Entrance and enrobing sections for use with a cooling tunnel
    • Blower speed control
    • Plexi-glass see-through cover
    • Ceramic heating lamp
    • Paper take-off roll (180 mm wide, coated both sides, 400 M)
    • Custom length take-off belt (priced per meter)
    • Bottom coater: for coating only the bottoms of products
    • Partial enrobing plates: for coating parts of pastry items
    • Decorating devise for straight and zig-zag lines (separate motor)
  • Bowl capacity: 40 kg (~88 lbs.)
  • Throughput: ~100 kg per hr. (depending on the on work being done)  
  • Dimensions: 500 (w) x 865 (d) x 1550 mm (h); working plane @920 mm     
  • Working plane: 920 mm; Vibrating table 868 (w) x 416 (d)
  • Weight: ~250 kg (~560 lbs.) Installed power: 2.5Kw @ 220 3-ph (single ph optional)


  • Overall length: 1.409 m in 3 sections
  • Usable width: 180 mm 
  • Applicable to: Optional Climatico 300 cooling tunnel 
The UNICA 40 moulding and enrobing machine uses an auger driven chocolate delivery system.  Originally developed by FBM and later perfected, the auger chocolate delivery system exposes more chocolate to the cooling tube for better distribution of crystals.  Plus, the auger is removable to facilitate cleaning. Many options are available to accommodate craft chocolate makers, pneumatic dosing, and mould (or mold) loaders.
NOTE: Photo shown of the UNICA 40 moulding machine with removable vibrating table.
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