Fudge Maker; For Pre-packaged Fudge Mixes

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Table Top Fudge Maker for pre-packaged fudge mix recipes. 



Convenient Table Top Fudge Maker will mix and cook your pre-packaged fudge mix to perfection, without overcooking. It's digital temperature control and programmable audible alarm will eliminate over processing.

This high quality fudge mix maker or cooker features a water-jacketed stainless steel heating tank with built-in agitation and temperature control, with a fail safe temperature limit of 180° F. Tilt to mix and tilt to pour.


  • On board immersion heaters
  • Water-jacketed stainless steel heating tank, with lid
  • Digital temperature control
    • temperature limit of 180°
  • Bottom-drive 28 RPM agitator
    • Removable without tools for easy cleaning; twist and lift
    • Lid off agitator stop option
  • Spring loaded nylon scrapers for bottom and sidewall
  • Tilt-to-Mix, with safety arm lock
    • up to 13° tilt to add inclusions (if lid-off agitator stop option not added)
  • Tilt-to Pour, with integrated pouring lip
  • Multi-position pull arm locks for safety
  • 220VAC 50/60 Hz

This table-top fudge maker is easy to use and incorporates design features for long term durability. It is specifically made for using premixed fudge mixes from companies such as Johay, Calico, and The Nutty Bavarian.

If you desire to mix and cook other foods beside pre-packaged fudge mixes, you may wish to consider the Firemixer 14 as it is designed to accommodate temperature up to 450° F, so suited for making caramel, toffee, candy, etc.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about this fudge cooking machine or to discuss your specific cooking requirements.

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