SILPAT ENTREMET - For Guitar Cutters

FT 4020 3kg

Silpat® Entremet silicone mold for guitar cutter use. 


Low cost Silpat® Entremet Silicone Mold for guitar cutters is the perfect shape to expedite production of foods to be cut on your guitar cutter, while maintaining a very professional look without wasted edges.

Chocolatiers and pastry chefs use Silpat® Entremet molds to mold ganache, cakes, etc. that will easily and quickly transfer to your guitar cutter. Because this mold is the same size as standard guitar cutters, trimming is not necessary or minimal. 

The flexibility and non-stick nature of the Silpat® Entremet molds means it is easy to turn out your product without wasted edges. Plus, only the Demarle molds are reinforced with a mesh fiberglass on the outside of the mold, providing extended durability and longer use.

SILPAT® ENTREMET MOLD - For Use With Guitar Cutters:

  • Interior surface: ~335 x 335 mm
  • Outside: ~360 x 360 mm
  • Depth: .62" (16 mm)
  • Made from highest grade silicone
  • Molds are completely flexible, non-toxic & reinforced for longevity
  • Imported from France

The Silpat Entremet mold for guitar cutter is ideal for guitar cutter use. Molds can be placed in the freezer or oven to freeze or bake goods prior to cutting.

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