Expandable Pastry Cutter, 5 or 7 Wheels, Plain and Fluted

US$86.99 US$69.99

Expandable pastry cutter with 55 mm wheels, featuring both plain and fluted (serrated) wheels / blades.


This economically priced expandable pastry cutter is a double cutter, offering both straight and fluted scoring or cutting of dough all with the same tool. Select 5 wheels or 7 wheels on each end.

Expandable and Adjustable Double Cutter:

  • Ideal for parallel cutting
  • 1 tool to cut both plain and fluted or serrated edges
  • Blade Diameter: 55 mm (2.165")
  • Number of blades on each end: Select 5 ea. or 7 ea.
  • Adjustable from 3/8" (9.5 mm) to 4 7/8" (124 mm) between wheels
  • Locking device to hold dimensions set
  • Made of 304 stainless steel (not chromed steel) for better durability

Expandable pastry dough cutters are handy for scoring many foods and for cutting soft foods such as pastry dough, pasta dough, brownies, sheet cakes, cookie dough, etc. Besides double cutting wheels, this pastry cutter also incorporates a device for locking desired dimensions into place to ensure even cuts and uniform portions.

For more dense foods, consider a roller cutter that allows you to apply full weight to the cutter. See Cross Selling items.

Please contact us if you need additional information about this expandable and adjustable dough cutter.

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