Wire Mesh belt for Dedy 320 mm Enrobing Machine

Wire Mesh belt for Dedy 320 mm Enrobing Machine
Replacement wire mesh belt for Dedy 320 mm enrobing machine.
Our PriceUS$560.00

Replacement or spare belt for your Dedy 320 mm Enrober, or other 320 enrobing machines. 


  • Wire mesh belt
  • 320 mm width
  • 2.2 meters long
  • Made of stainless steel

This enrober belt is used as a replacement belt or as a spare part to replace damaged portions of your belt only. Trim length of wire belt to fit and follow your enrobing belt replacement directions found in your operators manual.

See Instructions for how to change a wire mesh belt.

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Dedy 320 mm Enrober, like the 220 mm, is a modular chocolate enrobing machine with all the same features. The main difference is capacity and enrobing belt width. The Dedy 320 mm Enrobing Machine has a 30 kg working capacity with two optional warming drawers of 30 kg each.   

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