Fbm 25 kg PROXIMA Continuous Tempering, Enrobing

Fbm 25 kg PROXIMA Continuous Tempering, Enrobing
The fbm 25 kg ProXima delivers 'continuous tempering' performance with molding capabilities with auto-dosing, vibration table and enrobing belt.                   
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The FBM ProXima continuous tempering and enrobing machine offers a compilation of confectionery functions that incorporate a low cost energy saving configuration and a bold new design, at a very reasonable price. 

Utilizing 'continuous tempering' that fbm is known for, the ProXima offers comprehensive molding and auto-dosing capabilities with built-in vibration tables, PLUS an enrobing belt.

ProXima Continuous Tempering with Enrobing Belt:


  • Heated removable vibration table (868 x 416 mm)
  • Night cycle and auto off
  • Pedal operated electronic depositor with user-selectable time and repetitions, up to nine
  • Enrobing belt:
    • 1.350 m (780 mm entry section, 570 mm take off)
    • 180 mm belt width
    • Fully equipped with beater shaker, independent motor for detailer, adjustable air blower.
    • Optional extended take-off table available


  • Capacity                                         25 KG melting bowl
  • Tempered Chocolate Output           ~3 times depending on the work
  • Installed Power                               2.2 KW @ 220 V Single Phase
  • Dimensions                                    508 x 810 x 1530(h) mm
  • Weight                                            230 kg (without enrobing belt)
The continuous tempering cycle in the ProXima is controlled by a custom programmable CPU that monitors and adjusts heating and cooling automatically within a narrow range based on the melting and working temperature settings.  The working bowl is heated by thermo-electric induction and the tempering pipe is cooled directly by refrigerant gas delivering fast response times, precise controls and reduced energy consumption.
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