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FBM Bean to Bar Line

TCF Sales is pleased to offer FBM's full line of chocolate bean-to-bar and confectionery processing equipment. Visit us in the Austin area to view equipment used in the manufacturing process or join us for a scheduled bean to bar class teaching every aspect of the process. When starting from the bean, artisan craft chocolate makers must crack and winnow, pre-grind, and grind their cacao beans, then conch, temper, and finally mould their chocolate into bars or confections using equipment that can handle thicker or more viscous chocolate, including two ingredient chocolate. For a completely autonomous production, chocolate makers can also extract cocoa butter from non-conforming beans (using beans that may have gone to waste) to use in their recipes and/or sell in its purest form or by adding various flavors. This process of making chocolate from the bean is truly a craft and craft chocolate makers should be applauded for their dedicated efforts to provvide a unique one-of-a-kind chocolate experience for their customers.



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PROXIMA 25 continuous tempering machine with moulding capabilities, includes auto-dosing and vibration table, and optional enrobing belt.

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