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Chocolate Melters

A professional chocolate melter will melt your chocolate safely while maintaining the characteriscs of the chocolate. Chocolatiers are able to manually temper their chocolate in the chocolate melter pan as desired and/or use their chocolate melter to feed other chocolate machines. TCF Sales is the largest U.S. stocking distributor of Mol d'Art chocoalte melters, and we guarantee BEST PRICE.

A chocolate melter is critical for the quality of the final product and uses slow melting at a low temperature to maintain the characteristics of your chocolate. Mol d' Art chocolate melters incorporate an electronic induction heating device that eliminates the need and risk of using water for even heating. It's heat is encased in a strong light-weight polymer base which applies heat to both the bottom and sides of the removable stainless steel pan. Accurate temperature is controlled by an electronic thermostat that has a temperature range of 5°C to 65° C. These chocolate melters are known to be extremely stable, making them suitable for chocolate tempering. Machines come with a strong polymer lid to protect chocolate from unwanted environmental infuences during processing or when not in use. And because of their low power consumption, most Chocolatiers keep their chocolate melter or melters pluged in full time for melted chocolate as needed. 

Small chocolate melter with 3kg capacity from Mol d'Art. Ideal for chocolate color and decoration work.

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