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DCM Refiners

The philosophy behind DCM refiners is to produce easy to use grinders that are reliable -- while maximizing production and minimizing operational downtime. Machines are plug-and-play ready and require limited maintenance and little technical ability if onsite repairs or adjustments are needed. They are equipped with high quality granite millstones and slab, a direct-drive system (no belts or chains to break), easy to operate speed and tension controls, locking leveling casters for maneuverability and stability, a tilting stainless steel drum for simplified cleaning and maintenance and a sturdy frame that is rubber mounted to reduce vibration and improve performance. DCM melangeurs are compact and space efficient, and made in the U.S.A.  Plus, all commercial DCM melangeurs can be optimized at the time of purchase with a Rapid Refiner for grinding and conching in 1 step and/or with a Pneumatic Pressure System for faster and more uniform processing. The Premier table top grinder is a nice introductory melangeur for making small batches and becoming familiar with bean-to-bar or nut-to-spread production processes. See more information about DCM grinder large capacity product information.

    Melanger 20

Melanger 20

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Low impact Melanger 20 Mark 2 is for grinding and refining chocolate and nut butters; 25 lb / 11 kg tank capacity. Made with U.S. components.

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