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TCF Sales is your source for Guittard couverture chocolate that is produced in the U.S. using original formulas and traditional French methods for a smooth mouthfeel and preferred taste. Find 25 lb. boxes of Guittard fine chocolate for use with shell moulding, ganache, enrobing, Dragee, mousses, Bavarian drinks, decorating, baking, ice cream, gelato and sorbet, sauces, glazes, creams, and chocolate fountains. --For your convenience, we have narrowed our online offerings to the most popular selections to provide you with the best prices possible. See Guittard's recommended chocolate tempering temperatures plus useful information about chocolate regarding chocolate terminology, proper chocolate storage conditions, working with chocolate to melt, temper and cool.

31% White Chocolate - 25 lbs.

Delicious white couverture chocolate, 25 lb. box.

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