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Semi-Custom Moulds

Place your logo or photo on these moulds (molds) for a high quality semi-custom polycarbonate chocolate design; less cost and less time to process over fully custom moulds!  Plus, minimum mould (mold) order is only 50. Select from bars, tablets, and individual pieces in both Series; Series 1000 (275 x 135mm), and Series 2000 (275 x 175mm). Semi-Custom moulds also have a lower tooling charge over fully customs moulds. Just give us a call for additional information.

Chocolate World polycarbonate moulds are have set the industry standard in chocolate mold design and are well known throughout the world. Their moulds contain more pure polycarbonate and are precisely engineered with exact thickness on all facets of the cavity design, reducing or eliminated cooling spots. Professional Chocolatier use Chocolate World moulds.

Semi Custom Mould, Tablet

Semi custom Chocolate World polycarbonate Tablet Mould (or mold) is designed with your logo or artwork for a less expensive custom alternative that is uniquely yours.

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