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Pastry Cutters

TCF Sales provides a variety of pastry cutters.  Find confectionery guitar cutters for cutting shortbread cookie dough, roller cutters, and expandable pastry cutters for lighter weight jobs such as scoring foods or cutting dough or puff pastry.  Punch cutters are offered in sets with incremental shape sizes, standard round for dense nougat, and can be custom designed on a piston operated rod for cutting multiple shapes at one time.           

Cutter for cutting large butter or lard blocks, up to 50 lbs.

Guitar cutter for cutting round or cornered shortbread and similar dough.

Cookie dough guitar cutter for round dough logs, with one large mould and one small mould. Cuts in 10 mm divisions.

Professional croissant dough cutter with 2 wheels cuts dough in perfect proportions every time. Comes in standard or custom sizes. 

Nice quality Expandable Pastry Cutter with five 2.5" wheels, or blades, that are fluted / serrated.

Expandable Pastry Cutter with five 2.5" D plain blades or wheels, for cutting and scoring pastry dough and other soft foods.

Durable expandable pastry cutter with straight or plain wheels / blades accurately scores and cuts dough and other soft food products. 

Expandable Pastry Cutter with seven (7) wheels or blades that are plain or straight.

Expandable Pastry Cutter with seven 4" wheels to quickly and accurately cut thicker dough and other soft food products, up to 1.75" thick.

Expandable pastry cutter with 55 mm wheels, featuring both plain and fluted (serrated) wheels / blades.

Custom Punch Cutters built with your shape and size requirements. Save time by punching multiple designs at one time.

Heavy duty Nougat Punch Cutter with reinforced lip. Made of stainless steel and available in various sizes.

Round punch cutters for cutting cookie dough and other pastry dough.  Set of 12 ea. in graduated sizes with convenient storage case.

Punch Cutter Set of 9 ea. in graduated sizes.  Professional quality.  Made of food grade stainless steel in thicker .02" thickness. .

Confectionery roller cutter with 4" D blades for cutting caramel and other foods. 18" L rod size with 6 blades is standard. Optional 24" L rod with 10 blades. Plus, order more blades as desired.

Adjustable Confectionery Roller Cutter with 6" D blades to cut foods up to 2.25" thick.  Two (2) rod cutting lengths to select from; 18" L 24".

All stainless steel roller cutter support rack that holds up to four (4) roller cutters.

Cutter for cutting large butter or lard blocks, up to 50 lbs.

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