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Cake, Butter Block and Dough Cutters

TCF Sales offers specialty guitar cutters that cut sheet cakes, large 50 lb. butter blocks, and dough for round or square sugar or shortbread cookies. Foods must be soft and/or at room temperature to allow the wires to efficiently cut through your food product.  Sheet cake cutters can cut up to 76 different cuts, from 2 to 200 portions at one time.  Butter block cutters are ideal for pastry and baking applications to portion butter into sheets or smaller chunks.  Butter must be thawed to 58 - 61° prior to cutting, then can be refrigerated or refrozen again.  Cut shortbread cookie dough quickly and uniformly with the Dedy dough cutter or select the trapezoid cutter for cutting pyramid cakes, etc.

For larger applications, a dough dropping machine automatically drops dough onto sheet pans in uniform portions, resulting in less labor and a more professional product. 

Cutter for cutting large butter or lard blocks, up to 50 lbs.

Save time and money with a professional Cake Cutter. Used for cutting sheet cakes or similar products with up to 76 cake cutting possibilities and 4 to 200 portions per cut, in just 10 seconds.

Guitar cutter for cutting round or cornered shortbread and similar dough.

Cookie dough guitar cutter for round dough logs, with one large mould and one small mould. Cuts in 10 mm divisions.

Professional croissant dough cutter with 2 wheels cuts dough in perfect proportions every time. Comes in standard or custom sizes.

Extra Large single arm guitar cutter for cutting soft foods and confections, up to 60 x 40 cm slabs. Perfect for those using 60 x 40 cm trays.

Extra Large 60 x 40 cm double arm guitar cutter base for cutting soft foods and confections. Order 2 or more frames from the drop down menu.

Cutter for cutting large butter or lard blocks, up to 50 lbs.

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